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Counterfeit Policy

The Larasian Group of Companies recognises that the counterfeiting of components is a serious problem that has a negative impact on the worldwide economy and jeopardises the safety of individuals.  As such The Larasian Group is committed to preventing the introduction of counterfeit electronic components to the supply chain.

In order to achieve this we will ensure all businesses in the group and our suppliers follow the measures listed below.   Customer requirements will be used in conjunction with these measures.

  • All components shall be purchased from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), where this is not possible;
  • Parts shall be purchased from authorised distributors, where this is not possible;
  • Parts shall be purchased with full chain of custody to the Manufacturer.
  • All parties in our supply chain shall maintain appropriate processes to isolate, quarantine, report and remove counterfeit components.
  • Investigate all incidents of suspected counterfeit electronic components and report the incident and outcome to the Larasian Group Quality Manager.
  • Make unusable all material confirmed as counterfeit and provide evidence to the supplier and the Larasian Group Quality Manager.
  • Ensure all staff involved in the procurement, inspection and storage of electronic components are trained in the techniques of identifying counterfeit components.
  • The Larasian Group of companies shall perform random checks of the supply chain to ensure this policy is being followed. These checks will be in addition to the normal audit schedule.

John Burton

Group Quality Manager, Larasian

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