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Welcome to Larasian

A Global Group of Technology Companies

Innovating, manufacturing and supplying technology-driven products globally, Larasian's companies and brands supply leading-edge electronic products to a wide array of market sectors.

Our Ethos


With a careful eye on technological innovation, a strong focus on engineering talent, and a prudent commercial approach, the Larasian group of companies have generated consistent, steady growth year-on-year, with over 40 years of profitable trading.


A Leading Innovator in the Internet of Things

As early adopters of remote sensing and data storage, we excel in developing reliable, secure and flexible Cloud and IoT systems.


Making Sophisticated Products Easy to Use

From powerful human-machine interfaces to wireless data loggers and app design, we always make the user experience as easy and intuitive as possible.

Seamless Supply

Experts in Developing and Managing Global Supply Chains

Share our experience in driving down costs and lead times, managing component obsolescence and ensuring continuity of supply.


Start an Exciting Career With the Larasian Group

We are an international group of companies looking for creative, driven and innovative individuals to join us in leading the way in electronic product design and manufacture. The opportunities are global – with offices in the UK, US and Hong Kong there’s no telling what opportunities your career with us might give you.

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